How can you get that interview?

How does your resume and cover letter look?  If you were a hiring manager would your resume be interesting enough to ask yourself for an interview?  In this market every person who lands a job does so by a fraction from their competition.  What does this mean to you?  This should mean your resume and cover letter must be spectacular if you want to get called for an interview.  Let’s start with your resume.  Honestly, when you read someone’s resume how far do you get?  Do you read the entire two page resume?  Let’s get real, the hiring managers are busy, they don’t have time to look through each candidates resume.  If the first section doesn’t keep them interested your resume is quickly moved to the next stack; the wrong stack.  What can you change on the top half of your resume to get someone’s attention?  When I was in sales my resume always had my sales quota and my sales rank.  My percentages spoke for themselves and my rank should have gotten me in the door for the interview.  For example if you are a consultant you could describe what services you provided that impacted the organization. Example; Lead a team that redesigned an in-house software package that saved the company $3.1 million annually. The project was complete early and under budget. Get the picture?

Now on to your cover letter.  What’s the purpose of your cover letter?  Is it to tell him all about you, NO.  That is what your resume is for.  Your cover letter is to tell him what you know about their company, the position and why you want to work there.   For example if you want to work for Hallmark Cards you would add something like Hallmark Cards is known to rank far ahead of its closest competitor.  Therefore you could also write something along these lines; I want to work for the leader in the card industry.  It is well known across the greeting card industry that Hallmark far outpaces its closest competitor.  Hallmark is also known for its quality in everything they do.  You could also add this detail to your letter…I want to work for a company who applies quality principles to everything they do.

In summary make your resume and cover letter sizzle.  If you need help I am a call away 847 219-8117.  Get that interview! Barbara