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This week’s Wall Street Journal reported the CEO’s are speaking and their message is don’t expect many new U.S. jobs soon.  The key words here are, “many new jobs”.  The message is companies are hiring! Business is growing but executives are moving cautiously.  Does this mean you slow down your job search or does this mean you put that much more effort into your job search?  I think we could all take a couple tips from Jens Voigt. Jens is not your typical sports icon.  At 39 he was the oldest rider in this year’s Tour de France.  He was in 67th place in the tour and he had zero chance at winning but he rode his bike each day like it was his last day.  His bike racing has been described similar to someone fleeing a bank heist and like a boxing match –relentless. Stories about Voigt’s grit are abundant.  Last week’s Tour he had a grisly headfirst crash during a descent, but Voigt got right back up pulling his bike out of the bushes like a guy who lost and found his frisbee.  Are you putting the effort it takes in to winning your job search?

Take a page out of Jens Voigt riding pursuit and ask yourself if you are pursuing your next job as relentlessly as Jens Voigt rides his bike?


Do you have what it takes to get interviews and get hired?

  • Powerful LinkedIn Profile
  • Knock out resume
  • Are you meeting multiple new contacts weekly
  • Are you following up with your new and old contacts
  • Do you have bullet proof answers to the Top 10 Interview Questions
  • Do you have powerful questions prepared

Don’t kid yourself that there are no jobs.  What are you doing to get interviews and get hired? 

This is what some of the CEO’s are saying or doing:

  • PNC Financial Services Group Inc. Executives at this company added 150 new hires through the first six months of 2011, focusing on markets in Chicago, Florida, Milwaukee and Washington.
  • Google : Larry Page, CEO “Of course, there’s a limit on how many we can and how fast we can productively hire….We’re just adding a lot of people.”
  • Gannett Company (Newspaper publisher) Gracia Martore, “We have been adding back in key digital areas as well as in our broadcast division.”
  • BlackRock (Investment Mgmt) CEO laurence Fink, This environment….is a great time for us to be hiring, as other firms are really downsizing.”

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