It Takes A Job To Get A Job

By Barbara Gonzalez

Each time I have searched for a job in the past it all comes back to me that it takes a job to get a job. It requires a lot of work including networking, online searches, setting up job search apps, creating a list of companies you want to work for, not to mention the basics like LinkedIn profile, resume, and cover letter updates. Yes, it is work but it is achievable. You must schedule a plan and allocate time to work on these items to make sure you are making progress. A friend of mine in Dallas wants to switch positions but has not put in the required time to search and apply. Each time we catch up he mentions he wants to leave his job – I ask if he has “allocated time” for job search. This week he told he told me he had an interview with another one scheduled …then added, “it felt great to interview in an industry I’m passionate about.”  His attitude changed because he took those required steps. What is required to get moving?

Resume-Cover Letter / LinkedIn
Update your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. Make sure your LinkedIn profile looks as good as your resume. Pay special attention your 120 character LinkedIn headline (what you do), possibly the most important part of your profile search. See examples here: Finance Executive, Global Manufacturer, Cost Savings, Merger & Acquisitions.

Job Search
Start searching for jobs and research potential companies. Seek out recruiters in your field. Network, attend association meetings; talk to fellow parents at sporting events, volunteer for a charity, talk to your friends, family, neighbors, tap into your alumni career service center and industry associations.

Interview Prep
While you wait for hiring managers to contact you, get prepared to answer the most common interview questions; “Tell me about yourself” and “Why should we hire you?”

While each point may not apply to you, depending on your industry, seniority and position you are seeking, you can use this list to get started.

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