Cover Letters Are Not Dead

By Barbara Gonzalez

Traditional (generic) Cover Letters are dead.  If you are going with traditional format and addressing to Hiring Manager, it will not be effective moving you forward in the process.  It’s important to use this tool to share a story and allow you to stand out and connect with the hiring team.


You must connect with the reader, generate interest that allows you to move forward.  The cover letter can also help you make up for resume gaps, lack of experience, over qualification.  Share a powerful message with the hiring group.  Your resume should say what your resume does not cover.


The goal of your resume is to build interest.  You can demonstrate why you want the job – how you connect with their brand.   You should share your passion for the industry and position and why you want the job.  Again, the Cover Letter goal is to build interest and connect.  Why do you want to work there, what’s different about this company?

Length & Connect

According to a hiring manager for a Pharmaceutical company, most cover letters are lengthy.  Ask yourself if you were hiring would you want to read a wordy cover letter?   Most hiring managers spend around 6-Seconds on the cover letter.  Grab them with the first line otherwise you risk going in the trash.   For each organization – what is your connection to the brand, and the position?

Supporting your experience

How did you contribute in the past using your skillset.  What did you do and what were the results – quantifiable results.

Final Paragraph

Share your passion in the position, share your email and phone contact information, and who referred if applicable.  Thank them for their time and consideration and ask for the interview.

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